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It all begins with our Pre-training checklist and activities.  We don’t want to have you wait to come to Wallingford, CT to get started in your business.  We have a detailed checklist of all the things you are going to need to get started.  It covers everything from getting your business set up (legal entity), to getting started with the AEON Portal.  We want you to be ready so that when you leave us here, you can hit the ground at a sprint if that is how you want to approach your business launch.  Once leaving CT, you will have your AEON Franchise Kit, and you will be ready to walk into any business and show them why they need to be doing business with you

That is up to you.  If you are someone who is going to follow the system and are looking to be aggressive in your ramp-up phase, you can be collecting your first check within your first two weeks.  With a residual model such as this, the money will grow month after month provided you are still actively building your IT franchise business.

With our Wow Box Technology, the background is not as important as it once was.  The Wow Box does all of the heavy lifting for the sales presentation.  This, of course, means you do not need to be an industry expert.  We are looking for individuals that are interested in networking or are interested in learning how to network.  We want someone who is going to be on time for appointments, is outgoing and willing to follow a system.  We are also looking for people that are interested in building a team in the technology franchise world.

No. As the Franchisee, you will earn a percentage of each sale, whether it is a one-time charge or a reoccurring monthly service (residual). There is also a residual you will be able to develop when leveraging Time to Save in your business as well.

We will be offering territories based on a population in a specific market – ideally, we will provide each franchisee with an area with 10,000 businesses (defined geographically). There may be other factors as well, accounting for the number of viable businesses or population density in the area. Each territory will support a business that is commensurate with the initial investment and the caliber of the franchisee that will fit each profile. Although the areas will be defined by a population-base for potential accounts, zip codes will constitute territories. The exclusivity will be defined as in no other franchisees will be permitted to open or advertise in that market.

We anticipate that you will manage your AEON franchise from your home or from a small office setting. Your primary office must be located in your territory.  If you are looking for a  home based franchise then AEON can fulfill that need.

A benefit of joining an IT franchise such as AEON is the unyielded access to the tools we’ve built since our founding.  Alongside our infrastructure is a variety of sales tools that the home office has created for your benefit.  You are responsible for executing and implementing your own marketing and business development within your territory, but Aeon Franchising, LLC is here to help consult on which methods prove to be the most effective.

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