Business Basics.

AEON is a franchise opportunity to sell telecom solutions. Our franchisees can save their clients’ money in numerous cost categories. It’s a low overhead franchise with a fast startup time and a comprehensive training and mentoring program. Our proven franchise model offers exceptional support, training, and guidance from our industry experts. As a franchisee, your job is to schedule and attend appointments. We handle the rest.

AEON currently provides 108 products and services, which include but are not limited to:
• Phone Service
• Internet Service
• Hosted Cloud Services
• Network Circuits
• Telephone Equipment Systems
• Digital Signage
• Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
• Mobile Phone Services

Design a Solution: Our team of carrier-neutral engineers will design a solution for you and ensure the infrastructure will support all your client’s applications.

Close the Deal: Our solution sales team will work directly with you and your clients to propose and sell carrier services, followed by project management and customer base management to ensure your client’s long-term satisfaction.

Earn Residual Income: Earn residual income by selling communications and IT services to clients nationwide.

Sales and Marketing Background
Some consulting experience
Management Experience
Strong networkers
Customer Service Oriented
Comfortable with basic computer tools

1. Proficient Salespeople
2. Former Telecom / IT Professionals
3. Entrepreneurs/Investors
4. Families – Husband / Wife Teams

The telecommunications market, made up primarily of landline and wireless services, is a $10 trillion opportunity.

In 2019, SD-WAN revenues are forecast to reach 4.16 billion U.S. dollars globally.

Telecom services represented the highest percentage of the value of the United States’ IT market.

It could be because of a new venture, or change in direction, health, divorce, retirement or simply wanting to capitalize on the many years of hard work you spent building an asset with exit value. A buyout results in a sale or transfer of ownership of your business. As an AEON franchisee you can sell your book of business to a third party purchaser.

AEON can exercise its right to purchase the business, such as an option or right of first refusal.



AEON hosted PBX is a solution that uses the cloud to move businesses away from expensive, traditional phone
lines. AEON reduces operating costs while delivering a scalable, flexible business phone service with top of the
line customer service and superior technical support.

With the lowest monthly rates in the industry, AEON offers unlimited calling plans to the US and Canada, plus
over 20 international destinations, offering savings of up to 70%.

Technical Advantages Inherent In the AEON Solution

AEON’s technical superiorities allow us to deliver state of the art, cost effective and ultra-competitive products to the market.

AEON Solutions has at great cost built a proprietary network infrastructure that consists of core network points of connection, redundant carrier class equipment, up to date voice and Data infrastructure, exible expansion capabilities and carrier neutral design.

Managed SD-WAN

Rapid growth in enterprise trac, proliferation of cloud-based applications and an increasingly distributed workforce are key trends impacting the enterprise WAN. AEON’s Managed SD-WAN allows you to adapt, secure and optimize your hybrid WAN environment, using specic, user-based business policies to route applications across public or private network connections. With Managed SD-WAN, you can benet from enhanced performance, more ecient bandwidth utilization and cost eciencies across your network.

What we do.

Our technology franchise currently provides 108 products and services, which include but are not limited to:

• Standard and high definition video communications
• Connects to most displays in a single monitor configuration with picture in picture
• Integrated super wide-band speakerphone
• Simple remote user interface

• TV content broadcast
• Executive broadcast
• Training/distance
• Learning
• Live events
• On-site/in-store marketing
• Entertainment
• Telemedicine
• Video-on-demand
• Product Launch
• Process monitoring
• Clinical assessment

• Synchronized video and audio over a broadband connection
• High video frame rates
• Quick and simple call connection
• Low bandwidth utilization
• Graphic/PowerPoint integration
• White boarding features
• Secure file transfer

• Multimedia displays
• Supports embedded cable TV and/or video from live capture sources
• Flexible screen layout options with multiple zones and layers
• Seamless content updating while playing
• Continuous offline playing even if the Internet connection is interrupted
• Automatic content download recovery
• Real-time or scheduled content playback
• Supports wired, wireless and mobile network

• Tracking and Reporting
• Heat Mapping

• Custom RFID integration
• Viewer tracking
• Pos integration
• Bluetooth integration
• Application development

• Data Integration
• Data Governance
• Predictive Analytics
• Data Visualization
• Business Intelligence
• Model Risk Assessment

• Dual stream 1080p video conferencing
• HD pan/zoom/tilt video camera
• Digital audio and video signals
• Super-wide microphone pod
• Dual 22” HD displays
• Integrated Windows PC
• Webcam
• Small pack enclosure
• Carrying case

• System walk-outs and design
• Aerial and underground construction and repair
• Fiber construction and splicing
• Coaxial splicing and activation
• System-wide proof of performance
• MDU Pre- and Post-Wiring
• Customer retention and non-pay disconnects
• Audits
• New product launches
• System rebuilds
• Storm damage

• Voice Solutions
• Outbound and Inbound VOIP Service
• Hosted Integrated Voice Response
• IP DIDs and Ports
• SIP Trunking
• DID’s
• Hosted Voice

• IP Phones/Handsets
• Gateways
• ATA’s
• Soft Phone
• USB Phone
• WiFi Phone
• Networking Hardware
• Wireless Hardware
• Video Hardware
• Security Hardware
• Mobile Hardware

• Invoice validation and verification
• Telecom Expense Management
• Invoice processing
• Inventory management
• Recovery of carrier billing errors
• Managed services – wireless and/or wireline
• Managed procurement
• Policy creation and enforcement
• Service optimization
• Regulatory compliance and confirmation

• Toll-free
• Long Distance
• International Long Distance
• Calling Cards
• Conference Calling
• Hosted Integrated Voice Response
• Mobile/Wireless Service

• Ethernet
• Integrated Services
• Private Lines
• Virtual Private

• Frame Relay
• Fixed Wireless
• Secure WiFi
• Managed Network Services
• Managed Private Ethernet
• Private Wavelength
• Hybrid WAN
• DWDM and SONET Ring Services

• Dedicated Internet Access
• Integrated Services
• T1, DS-3, OC-3 to OC-192
• IP Transit
• IP Security Services
• Fiber
• Mobile
• Switched Ethernet
• 4g or Line of sight

• Installation
• Dark Fiber
• Fiber Optic Placement, Splicing & Testing
• Ring Topology
• Engineering
• Permitting (county, city or state)
• Location planning and Testing
• Conduit Construction
• Emergency Maintenance
• Routine Maintenance
• Point to Point Connection

• Private Line/Data Transport
• Teleconferencing
• Cellular/Wireless
• Fax Broadcast
• Paging
• Internet Access
• Cable/DBS
• Callback
• Voicemail
• Equipment Accessory
• IP Telephony
• Personal Assistant Service
• Local Service
• Switched Long Distance
• Switched Toll Free
• Outbound Dedicated Access
• Inbound Dedicated Access
• Utilities
• Travel Card

• Database Management
• Revenue Assurance & Collections
• Database Security
• Tax payment services
• Tariff and regulatory filings
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Inbound sales campaigns
• Automated verification

• Canadian billing and customer care trends
• Asia-Pacific region billing and customer care trends
• Caribbean and Latin America region customer care and billing trends
• Europe, Middle East and Africa customer care and billing trends

• Security Incidence Response
• Web Application Security Testing
• Automated Network Defense
• Network Security Auditing
• Network Redundancy
• Real-time Network Security

• Anomaly Detection
• Network Intrusion Detection
• Network Extrusion Detection

• Asset discovery & inventory
• Intrusion detection
• Vulnerability assessment
• Behavioral monitoring
• Log management
• Detailed security reporting

• Cloud Transport
• Systems Analysis, Design and Installation Solutions
• Data Management
• Network Systems
• Data Base Planning and Design
• Web Hosting (Cloud Computing) Services
• Server-Based Managed Firewall Service
• Email as a Service (EaaS)
• Mass Notification Management and Alerting System
• Hosted and Premise Based VoIP Solutions

• Trenching, Pipe work, Duct Banks
• Utility Pole Placement
• Wireless and Line Installation
• Boring
• Rock / Core Drilling
• Aerial Placement (Fiber, Coax, and Copper)
• Conduit Cleaning, Rodding and Pulling/blowing Fiber
• Site Electrical Work
• Emergency Repair/Restoration Services
• Manhole Construction (including rebuilds, poured and pre-cast)

• On-site telecom training
• System moves
• System adds
• System changes
• Project management
• Troubleshooting
• System maintenance
• System evaluation and recommendation
• System repairs
• System Programming