An Equal Franchise Opportunity For Veterans: What You Need To Know

For veterans looking for a second career that will generate income while offering independence, a franchise specializing in small business communication solutions is the perfect fit.

According to VetFran, one out of seven franchise businesses are owned and operated by veterans of the U.S. military – that’s more than 66,000 veteran-owned franchise businesses.

It’s understandable why so many veterans make the decision to open their own shop. After dedicating their lives to the service of others, they want to make time for their families and friends.

A telecom franchise is an ideal, low-risk opportunity for veterans, especially those contemplating retirement but not wanting to give up the social interaction and financial gain that comes with employment. While you don’t have to be an expert in internet technology, you will be able to reap the rewards of investing in a proven, growing industry.


One of the biggest challenges in running a small business is making sure communication happens smoothly and effectively. Small business owners often do not have the time, budget or staffing resources to research and map out a custom telecommunications plan for their organization, nor can they risk the expenses associated with technical outages and miscommunication.

AEON is a one-stop shop for telecom products and services, saving their clients’ money on phone and internet service, data networks, cloud-based services and more. When you become an AEON franchise owner, you will be providing essential technologies to the telecommunications market, a $1.4 trillion dollar opportunity.

As more and more businesses move their operations online and the number of Smartphone users continues to grow, so will demand for custom small business communication solutions.


Becoming a franchise owner has its advantages.

When you open an AEON franchise, you will experience the ultimate reward of having control over your day-to-day work and find gratification in connecting other companies with the small business communication solutions that are right for them.

What’s more, an internet franchise is not like a traditional brick-and-mortar business with round-the-clock working hours. You will have the flexibility you desire without sacrificing on earnings.

AEON franchises provide residual income, so once you’ve done the initial work of bringing a new client onboard you will receive commission for the lifetime of the customer, enabling you to enjoy a more comfortable “retirement.”


You can get started fast, even if you don’t have prior knowledge about small business communication solutions. Your military experience and the leadership skills you gained in service combined with AEON’s comprehensive training are all you need to begin.

Once your franchise is up and running, you can continue to utilize AEON’s seasoned support systems, including sales, training, customer service, and technical support. You will have all the freedom of owning your own business without the stress of doing it alone.

Learn more about how quickly and easily you can begin making money with an AEON telecom franchise.

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